BIOS downloads:
Latest official BIOS files:
For the K7S5A v. 1.x/3.x only:
Look here.

For the K7S5A Pro v. 5.0:
Look here.
Latest honey X Overclocking BIOS files:
For v. 1.x/3.x boards only:
OC 030327beta, OC 021029, OC 020626, OC 020430
For v. 1.x/3.x and Pro 5.0 boards:
OC 030811, OC 021209b, OC 030120, OC 030110, OC 021209
(If in doubt, use the 021209b) Mirror site
AMI flash tool:
Version 3.35
Version 3.33
Version 3.29

Guides and important posts
The unofficial K7S5A motherboard guide
Beginner's guide to overclocking the K7S5A
Read this before posting in the Problems with K7S5A section
Bad Caps? What to look for
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temps for overclocked athlon xp-m 2500+

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